Posted by: ateedub | July 1, 2008

The Power of Web 2.0

Netflix listened. As an entirely web-based business (and to a growing extent with a web 2.0 market differentiation model), I can’t see how they wouldn’t.

Greg provides an excellent description of their poorly thought out strategy, and Stephanie mirrors my opinions. Then lo and behold, I received this email yesterday afternoon:

We Are Keeping Netflix Profiles

Dear ateedub,

You spoke, and we listened. We are keeping Profiles. Thank you for all the calls and emails telling us how important Profiles are.

We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused. We hope the next time you hear from us we will delight, and not disappoint, you.

-Your friends at Netflix

Whew! I honestly can’t tell you how upset the original announcement had made me. My boyfriend and I share one account with two queues. The idea of trying to alternate movies – much less agree on what to order! – is pretty absurd for us. The beauty of Netflix for me is that I can go in and build my queue whenever I feel like it. And it just keeps coming without me needing to do anything (except remember to drop the old movie in the mail).

The truly amazing thing is that Netflix listened!! How many other corporations in America would have actually changed their policy in response to this outcry? It wasn’t on the local evening news, or on the national network news. I didn’t see any coverage in major national newspapers. Sure, it was covered in a number of technology and webrelated outlets, but that typically is not enough to change company policy.

In short, I commend Netflix for listening. But I don’t have to…their user loyalty just went up 1000x.



  1. I got the email too and flipped out! Jeff has his own queue and his own ratings. So maybe we could have added his movies to my queue but his ratings would be gone. Silly Netflix. But awesome that they changed course.

    Facebook has done this sort of about face a couple of times as well but for some reason, I don’t trust them as much.

  2. Thanks for letting me know! I was so happy to hear that they actually listened to us. I will no longer be cancelling my account, and I’m sure many others feel the same. Hooray!

  3. […] has decided to NOT cancel its profile option.  Thanks, A.Tee.Dub, for letting me know.  Keep your Netflix, they do listen to what we have to say! Published […]

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