Posted by: ateedub | July 10, 2008

Evolution, Colbert, and My College Professor

One of my college professors, Ken Miller, appeared on the Colbert Report recently to talk about a book he just published. Dr. Miller is a cell biologist, high school biology textbook editor, evolution evangelist, and Catholic. He played a big role in a couple of the recent lawsuits about teaching evolution and/or intelligent design in the classroom.

(Sorry for the extensive & weird intro to this. I couldn’t find any other embeddable links to Dr. Miller’s appearance)

I think he did a pretty good job with Colbert. He’s naturally a charismatic guy, but I think he comes across as a little over-eager in this interview. He is a scientist at heart though, so it would have been hard to focus him down on a single point.

Overall, great job Prof Miller!


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