Posted by: ateedub | August 21, 2008

What Happens if Obama’s VP Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype?

So Obama’s announcement of his VP selection should be occuring literally any minute now. He’s planning to campaign with him on Saturday, and thanks to the airtight lock on the name of the selected candidate, even the future running mate doesn’t know his fate. So he’ll need at least a day to turn over whatever business he’s currently working on (whether as Governor, Senator, or Congressman).

With this heightened media attention, expectations are extremely high. Obama’s been great with timing his announcements thus far, creating a lot of media buzz by making the media wait (and also by doing things unconventionally).

But can he meet these expectations? Everyone – from the ardent supporters who signed up to receive the txt as soon as they could to the media to those more casually interested – have been at such a heightened state of readiness. Won’t the actualy discovery be a let down after this week-long adrenaline rush?

Think about the number of people just waiting for their phone to buzz with a message. They’ve been on the edge of their seats for a week now. And there’s no way to make everyone happy. I would think that the huge level of anticipation makes the likelihood of a huge letdown higher.

In the end, it’s probably worth the risk. Obama is, as usual, dominating the news.



  1. I think your last line sums it up. “…dominating the news.”

    Probably a safe pick that cements PA & MI. Obama only needs “Kerry States”+10 EC votes. He’s leading in all “Kerry States” and has leads/ties in VA, IA, NM, NV, MT, AK

  2. So, what do you think of his choice?

  3. Well, I think he lost the moment. Especially since there are reports that the text messages didn’t go out at the same time

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