Posted by: ateedub | August 26, 2008

Schweitzer Rocks

Wow. I’ve been watching CNN’s DNC convention coverage because it’s the only thing covering ‘all’ speeches at the convention. Of course they skipped Sebelius, who I wanted to see, talking through her speech with their ‘analysis’.

Mark Warner’s keynote was good – focusing on science and technology (yay!). But Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer really brought down the house. He was so authentic and personable. I understand he’s apparently not a “rising star” in the party, but he sure is a great speaker. The DNC was probably right to use him as the primetime lead up to Hillary’s speech for his amazing delivery.

He also seems to have been the first speaker to really challenge John McCain, and made a point of challenging him on the issues: global warming, alternative energy, the economy. Great ‘heartland’ issues for the DNC.

Great job Schweitzer. I don’t know much about you, but to my mind this speech is equivalent to Obama’s 2004 convention speech in my mind. I’d love to see you on the ticket in the future.

Oh, and CNN skipped the first half of the speech until they realized that it was getting amazing reaction from the crowd (not that the “sound on the floormeters budged out of the green).


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