About Me

I am a science writing and communications professional, which means I get excited about a lot of different things. I manage communications for an academic research center in the Washington, DC area.

I am a voracious reader, a political junkie, and a little bit of a technophile too.



  1. Hi ATW! I had the same reaction to yours from Dr. Brewer’s WSJ column. $1800 for a website seen as outrageous money, when the middle-class American is doling out 5% of household disposable income on technology — it’s an interesting dichotomy. On the subject of people using the Internet for health, please take a look at the white paper I wrote for the California HealthCare Foundation called, “The Wisdom of Patients.” People are way ahead of health institutions on the frontlines of social media and health. http://www.chcf.org/topics/chronicdisease/index.cfm?itemID=133631

  2. On September 7, 2008 you mentioned, on your post, of a man dressed in a top hat and long overcoat in front of the Supreme Court building. Recently I was in D.C. with a tour group and saw a man dressed the same at the Whitehouse…We were preparing to take a picture and this man walks up and pulls out a wooden stick of some sorts and mutters a few words and waves the stick around and then walks off…
    I figured it symbolized something, just didn’t know what and still don’t…..while on Google, I entered “man in top hat and long coat in front of Whitehouse” and came across your post. Have you found anymore information on this, because I am curious!

    Thanks and Please Reply…

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